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Water drilling company North Carolina

A quality water system is a great investment in the value of your home and the health of your family.

Help, I have no water! What should I do?

At some point you may find yourself without water. There are a couple things you should do to help ensure that no further damage is done. Most importantly, call to speak with our service technicians as soon as possible. Next, turn off the power to the pump. You can usually find the breaker to your pump inside your breaker box labeled as pump, well pump or something of the sort.This will usually be a large double sized breaker. Finally, go ahead and turn off the power to the hot water heater. Without water, the hot water heater will continue to run and may cause damage.

How much does a well cost?

Your water is the single most important investment for your home. Wells can vary in cost and quickly change with depths and location. The actual drilling of the well is usually priced by the foot, while the water system can be customized with endless options to meet your particular demand and expectations. An average residential system can range from a few thousand to upwards of fifteen or twenty thousand.

Do you offer different priced packages to meet my budget?

Yes. We pride ourselves in the quality of the products we install. That is why our typical quote reflects the prices of top brand equipment. Don’t be fooled by competitors differences and always make sure you are being quoted the same grade. We offer different packages and can mix different products to meet your budget yet still insure a quality installation. Just notify your salesperson with questions about your quote and we will set up a custom package to match your needs.

What does a well or water system include?

 The installation of a new well and water system is split into two parts. The well itself is the drilled hole in the ground in search of your water source. It will include typical items such as the drilling, the casing, and the grout or seal. There are several different items that make up the water system. Our installation packages include everything from the pump installation to plumbing in the pressure tank and electrical controls inside of the home. Options such as torque arrestors and backup check valves are standard items to ensure the home owner a flawless running system.

Do you use any kinds of filters when you install a well and pump?

Water quality differs by location. The mountains of the Carolinas are lucky enough to share some of the cleanest groundwater in the country. Typical water wells in most areas do not need any extra filtration, however there is the occasional exception. Filtration systems can combat problems as simple as mineral removal to the more advanced iron removal, acid neutralizers and water softener systems. Our quick on site water analysis is a sure way to determine if extra filtration is needed for your water.

When should I call about drilling a new well and how long will it take?

There is a lot to consider before drilling a new well and should be considered very early in your project. Our work is best started as the first stage of grading begins.   A property inspection with the owners beforehand will help to pinpoint the final location for the well and home site arrangements. Scheduling for the pump installation is done during the first stages of the homebuilding in order to be able to provide water on site for your building contractors.

North Carolina Well Drilling Company

Every step of the process is carefully monitored to ensure proper procedures are followed. The result? A consistent, quality water supply that you can depend on for years to come.

Will I be required to do any maintenance? Do you offer maintenance?

A properly installed water system can be a virtually maintenance free set up, however, insuring fresh, clean water for your family is very important. A periodic well checkup and inspection is highly recommended to prevent any problems with your water before they get started. Our well inspections we will provide vital information about how the system is running and any issues with your water.

My current well produces very little water flow. What can be done to improve/fix it?

Low yielding wells are a constant nuisance for a homeowner. Luckily there are several different options to provide more water for your home. From our custom storage tank packages to hydrofracking, your extra water demand can be met with a worry free set up that will put your mind to ease.

Why should I go with Merrill Resources vs. any other company?

Our company has long been noted for our experience and workmanship. Over the years we have installed and maintained thousands of different systems and different size projects. Our presence in the industry associations allows us to stay on top of emerging technologies and equipment to insure we are providing our customers the best products available. Our certified service technicians and staff Is always within reach to help you with your next job.

Do you offer any warranties or guaranties on your work?

We offer multiple warranties on or workmanship and products. Some warranties may be dependent on the set up or offered when certain products are paired together. Extended coverage is available for any equipment installed by our technicians. With an initial consultation and our sizing expertise, we guaranty that each water system we install will meet and exceed your expectations.