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Residential well drilling

Merrill Resources specializes in residential well drilling and water treatment systems. Ask for a no obligation quote today.

In the Carolinas alone, over 3.5 million residents are served from private wells. A properly constructed water well can serve your home for a lifetime with the reassurance of knowing that your water source is protected, safe and dependable.

Our drillers are certified with in NC, SC and with the NGWA, with thousands of wells logged in our books over the years, our installation experience covers nearly every neighborhood in Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.

The most common residential wells are drilled 6” in diameter and a PVC or steel casing installed to keep any contaminants from entering your water supply. Each well is grouted, and then inspected by your local Health Department to insure you a clean, healthy water system that performs to standard.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations in terms of quality, purity and water pressure. If you have any special circumstances that would prohibit you from getting the water you want, as the pressure you want, we’ll offer solutions and alternatives, such as low yield storage systems, to get satisfy your water needs. For a custom quote, just contact our office and we’ll be glad to provide a no-obligation quote.