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Water Treatment

Water treatment systems

Building a commercial quality water system requires extensive expertise and experience. Merrill comes equipped with years of on-the-job know how, as well as local, state and national certifications.

Merrill provides water quality testing for impurities, chemicals compounds and bacteria through a state certified laboratory. We will provide you with a complete analysis and breakdown of your testing results and offer specific recommendations tailored to your exact treatment needs. For more information, or to schedule a test, simply call or email us today.

Filtration Systems

Merrill offers a complete range of water filtration solutions, from whole house cartridge systems, to full scale treatment programs for iron, acidity, ph range, hardness, radon and other minerals, gases and contaminants. With nearly 70 years of experience, the professionals at Merrill can customize a filtration solution to deliver the safe, high quality drinking water you need and deserve.

Chlorination & Cleaning

Concerned about your water quality, color or possible bacterial build up? Merrill offers our proprietary Mermax™ Chlorination and Disinfection Treatment Program to properly clean and sanitize your water system. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure higher quality water that meets and exceeds state health standards. For more information, just contact a Merrill water technician today.